Homeowners insurance is a necessity – not a luxury. For many homeowners, their home is their biggest asset. It is where they invest their money, keep their valuables, and spend most of their time. When looking for a reliable policy choose a local insurer like Quality 1st Insurance in North Logan, Utah.

A local insurance provider knows all the details of the area you live in. That matters because every state has its own price ranges and laws associated with home insurance. Other important factors are finding a policy that can fit your budget and give you ample coverage. 

The importance of a home owner insurance policy lies in its coverage. You can benefit from a homeowners insurance policy that takes care of detached structures from the main dwelling. It should have a personal liability component and cover your belongings. Take a look at the coverage options below.

Coverage for the Interior and Exterior

In case there is fire, strong wind, winter storm, hurricane, or other insured disasters damage, the home owners insurance policy can pay to rebuild or fix your property. Most policies can also cover the damages or destruction of structures that are not physically connected to your home. These are typically detached storage shed, gazebo, tools, or garage. 

Coverage for Personal Items

A standard homeowners policy provides monetary value for your personal belongings in case they were stolen or destroyed by insured disasters. These can include electronics, apparel, furniture, sporting goods, etc. The coverage is typically 50-70% of the insurance you purchased on the structure of the home but ranges based on carrier and policy. 

Personal Liability Protection

Personal liability coverage is about having a financial safeguard for you and your family. It protects against lawsuits of property damage or bodily injury that you or your family may have inflicted on others. Homeowners insurance also covers the damages your pets cause. 

So, if your child or pet were to accidentally destroy your neighbor’s luxury plate, you’ve got coverage. It pays up to the limit specified in your insurance policy. Consult with your insurance provider to find out more.

If you have more questions about what kind of coverage you might need or want us to check the coverage on your current policy, Quality 1st Insurance can help.