Matt Robbins


Agency Owner


Hello.  I’m Matt Robbins, the current owner of Quality 1st Insurance. In 1996-2008, I went to work for Allstate Insurance Company as the owner and manager of Robbins Allstate. During that time, I purchased and merged 3 books of business which totaled 7 million in premium.  I maintained a retention rate of 90-93%. It was one of the most profitable Allstate agencies in the State of Utah. I realized very quickly that with only one carrier to work with, I was limited on what I could offer to my clients when the rates increased. I had only one option.

In 2008, I sold my Allstate Agency and purchased Quality 1st Insurance, an independent agency, focusing mostly on Commercial Business Insurance including Workers Compensation coverage. During the past few years, my agents have found great success in selling Personal Home and Auto lines, too. The main reason for this: we have over 50 Carriers to choose from, giving you options, both in price and coverage. I value the relationships built with all of my customers over the past 15 years and continue to put what is best for them, first.

Cache Valley is such a beautiful place to live with my wife and our three children. This is home for me. I believe in being involved in the community and for the past several years worked as a board member for the Cache Education Foundation and the Big Blue Scholarship fund. In my spare time and for exercise and fun, I enjoy cycling, golfing, Mountain Biking and Dirt biking.

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